Our History

 Our History: Aldine Virtual School

Aldine Virtual School provides students the flexibility to complete classes online through web-based lessons at their own pace. It’s convenient, flexible and affordable. Students are taught by certified teachers through courses aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. (TEKS)

Aldine Virtual School was introduced in the 1996-1997 school years. We understand the needs of our student-learners and maximize their potential by offering  flexible online instruction.

 Professional Certified Teachers

Aldine Virtual School teachers are certified by the state of Texas and care about your education.  We want to see you succeed.  Teachers may be contacted anytime by phone or email.

Quality Courses

Aldine Virtual School offers Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) aligned courses to help online students learn the material necessary to succeed in and out of school.  Aldine Virtual School offers a multitude of courses to prepare students for life after high school and college.

Credit to a High School Diploma

Aldine Virtual School classes get students the credit needed to graduate high school.

Secure Learning Environment

Students are able to safely complete courses in a safe learning environment with supportive teachers and appropriate classmates.


The flexibility of online classes allows students to learn when and where they want to learn.  You are free to learn at your favorite places whether under the sun or from the comfort of your bed.

Constant Support

Aldine Virtual School teachers and office staff are readily available to help students navigate their online learning needs.  Never feel alone.



Technology Integration